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Welcome to and your Local Business Network

"everything we do is driven by what local business people say they want"

The Local Business Network exists to support and inform local businesses from all business sectors in Crowborough and the surrounding area within North Wealden.


Offers a range of networking events

Provides business related information from a variety of business support/training sources

Is a useful contact point for enquiries and

Represents local business interests

There are over 300 local contacts that benefit from membership for which there is no charge; it operates through e-mail.

It's a 'win-win' situation for companies of all sizes and business sectors - all it takes to join is an e-mail to:

All the Business Breakfasts at Waitrose for 2010 are noted in the calendar of Business Events displayed below.

Plans for 2010 also include: informal early evening events similar to the ones held in 2009 at The White Hart, Crowborough Beacon Golf Club and High Spirits. One or two lunches will also be held at the Plough & Horses Public House in Walshes Road. There will no doubt be a lunch with a keynote speaker later in the year.

Some of the Local Business Network activities during 2009 are noted in the Action Plan/reports and Business Issues/Hot Topics webpages accessible through the named links on the left hand side of this Welcome Page.

Work is continuing to develop this website into a 'live' site and items are logged under Action Plan/reports that are regularly made to the Executive Management Board of Crowborough Partnership. Business Issues and Hot Topics is a page that is now used more frequently than before. The Local Training section is for use by any local company /organisation that offers any form of business related training opportunities within a reasonable distance of Crowborough. Individual providers are asked to provide a link of their choice along with a very brief description of their company.

You might also be interested in visiting - our associated site with information for the local community.

If you have any comments or suggestions please email

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